Monday, January 5, 2009

Vintage Olive Platter

I am looking forward to hearing others New Years Resolutions while still working on mine. Number one resolution will be to stay on task with my project(s) until completion. This is actually my husbands resolution for me. Second, get to the gym a minimum of 3 days per week. So far, so good. Third, I am clearing out and organizing an area that will be just for sewing. I need to improve upon my limited sewing skills. I own a Husqvarna 415 and recently purchased a Serger in hopes that it would motivate. I just need to sign up for classes.

Everything is put away from Christmas and I started organizing kitchen drawers, closets, the laundry and storage rooms. Sewed on buttons, hemmed pants, patched jeans, and fixed a couple of holes in the wall.

As I was dusting the inside of my buffet and cleaning up my holiday platters for storage I thought now might be a good time to search the internet for an olive platter like the one pictured. this was my grandmothers passed on to me. it is 40+ years old. he bottom of the platter says Bon Appetite by JSC.(?). no numbers or any other markings.

The olives are in clusters. over the years three of the clusters have been broken off. Every holiday, right before Thanksgiving, I get out the platter, check the olives and painstakingly re-glue the ones that have come off or are lose. Kind of a holiday tradition that I would part with in a heartbeat if I could find a platter just like it. I use cement glue to reattach the olives. It works well enough to last through the holidays if I am super careful.

I have fond memories of my grandmother setting this platter out at Thanksgiving or Christmas, overfilled with black olives, baby pickles, cheese and crackers. She would proceed to whip up one succulent dish after another as I watched, the platter in front of me, as I placed a juicy black olive on every finger before eating them. My youngest does the exact same thing.


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  1. Claudia from CaliforniaFriday, July 06, 2012

    Hi Lynn. I just bought this same server at a yard sale today! Mine has two olive forks firmly set in the two longer compartments. Mine only reads "Bon appetit" too! I wonder where we can find another one or get more info about it :/



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