Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Angel Wing Begonia

I have been busy spring cleaning, listing things on ebay,
organizing, and sewing.

And, working on this project.
I know it doesn't look like much right now, but it will, I promise.
Just a glimpse for now.

I managed to repot
any houseplants that needed it.

My favorite; the Angel Wing Begonia.
This particular species, Begonia Corallina de Lucerna,
has a cane stem, large, vibrant, dark green leaves with silvery white spots,
in the shape of an angels wing.
Some of the leaves are 8 inches long and 5 inches wide.
It produces a bountiful cluster of pink blossoms when fed regularly
and will grow up to 6 feet +.
This low maintenance plant needs light, (but not direct sun)
and a good watering once a week.
It is a show stopping house plant and makes an excellent gift.

I've probably made twenty or more plants for family, friends and teachers
by rooting stem clippings in water.

My Angel Wing, however, was looking a little puny of late.
Perhaps I have demanded too much out of this resilient plant
by taking too many clippings.
I decided to replace the soil and move it to a different location.

That was just the jump start it needed.
I swear it has grown 6 inches in just a week.

Picked up this beautiful buffet at the thrift store for $45.
I think it is cherry wood and very well made.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with this piece.
No major dents or dings and it sits on rollers.
The top drawer pulls out to become a serving tray.
I am in the process of stripping the varnish,
then a light sanding, restain and polyurethane.
Suprised that someone would get rid of this treasure.

Lucky me!

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