Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Green Project: Wood Art Collage

I have an accumulation of wood scaps from various home remodel projects.

Recently, my dad gave me a box of some interesting looking scraps.
Of course i couldn't say no.

I decided to make a wood collage with them
for a unique art piece to hang near our outdoor dining area.

What you will need for this diy;

½ thick plywood cut to size.
assortment of wood scraps/trim pieces
paints and stain, optional
wood sander
miter saw
wood glue
findings; hardware, kitchen utensils, nails...

I left off the fish

Square nails from the 1800's

It comes together better if the sizes and shapes are similar.

Working from the outer edges of your plywood to the center
allows for a clean finish
whether you intend to frame it or not.
You may have to layer up as you work towards the middle;
the depth adds interest.

Make sure you have a general layout before gluing.
Use a wood saw towards the end to fill gaps, or layer up.
I found it easier to paint after all pieces were in place,

and made a frame with cedar left over from our deck remodel.
If it hangs outdoors, apply a protective sealant.
Embellish your collage with your findings.


  1. I love how you took something that others would see as "trash" and made it into beautiful art. Very nice!

  2. That is awesome! You did a fantastic job. I'll bet that just makes the wall pop now

  3. I just love this. So creative and multi-sensory. I'd love this in my house. Well done!!

  4. This is amazing. I'm staying at a resort in Tahoe and there is a very similar piece downstairs that I fell n love with and thought "Could I make something like that?"Great to know I can! How did you get that faded antiqued look on the paint?

  5. What a neat idea. Thanks for sharing the how-to; your collage art is great!

  6. What a fantastic art project! You have inspired me! I love collage art and old wood, too! You gave us both! Great job!

  7. I love your project-it looks amazing.




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