Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ocean Pebbles

The month of Dec. presents me with many opportunities
for holiday socializing with clients after work.

If I had to pick only one accessory item this season that would
put me in a more festive mood as well as spiff up
my work attire for these after hour functions,
I would choose the cuff bracelet.
Studded Leather
Roberto Cavalli
Medina Cuff
Monica Vinader

Black Onyx
Kara Ross

Ocean Pebbles

This far, I have managed to stay within the boundaries of
my significantly reduced personal spending budget.
(Negative adj. for prev. months purchase of Fiorentini and Baker Boots)
Until I find one of my wish list items in my stocking (hi honey),
I will rely upon the imposing resouces at hand.

The junk jewelry drawer.

A selection of old earrings. 
Most of these were my grandmothers.


Not feeling it yet.

A few alterations and additions resulted in a haute mess.
I blamed my wine consumption.
Back to the cast aways

where I came up with a clearer plan.

After making my selection, I carefully remove the earring back
and the frame around the cabochon, if there is one.  For tough
settings, hold under water to loosen the old adhesive.

After removing,
clean in warm, soapy water to remove all residue.

Plan the design.

Hint: Apply thin strips of masking tape to the back
of larger cabochons to get an idea of how
the pieces will look together on the cuff blank.

You can get cuff blanks at a costume supply store
for very cheap. This one is brass and cost less than $3.00.

I use E6000 adhesive, but a two part epoxy works just as well.
Use in a well ventilated area. (OPEN A WINDOW)
I don't recommend applying pieces to the back side of the cuff.

Metal, plastic, or glass....use your imagination. 
As long as there is enough of a flat surface
to apply the adhesive, anything will work.

Use tweezers to affix smaller components.

A toothpick will clean up excess residue
without marring the surface and goop off
will help remove sticky residue from cuff base.

Let setup overnight and go back over
with a toothpick to see if any beads are lose.

I really like this assembly.
The brass beads compliment the pearl cabs nicely.

I was unable to effectively capture the lustrous details of this cuff.
It turned out so well (better than I expected), I  plan on wearing
this next week while in Quebec City.


  1. I am SO not crafty but you can TOTALLY make me one if you want!! hint hint.... ;)

  2. i'm rather impressed with your creation!
    i enjoyed reading about the process...and your blaming the first, unsuccessful attempt on wine consumption- hah! sounds like moi. ;)



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