Friday, January 9, 2009

Hot Tub Room Make Over

One of my favorite rooms in our house is the hot tub room.
When we first moved in, the space was an eyesore.
The walls were boring, white, and damaged.

The Process:
Large cracks above the entryways were spackled,
sanded, and rubber cemented for a permanent fix.

The color on the wall is Fossil Butte (Behr) and is the perfect color for a spa
and a great backdrop for my kids' artwork.
Most of the stuff in this room is from garage sales or flea markets.

The fish planter was an impulse buy when my husband and I were in an art gallery in San Antonio.

The cabinet was my father in laws. He wanted us to have it and I was not happy about it at the time. It sat in a corner of our bedroom for a year and then my husband decided he wanted to throw it out. I almost let him.

The cabinet was honey stained with glass shelves and glass inserts, a mirrored back panel, and a hidden display light attached to the ceiling. The door wouldn’t stay shut. I thought the piece was veneered but when I did a strip test, discovered it was solid wood.

I kicked out the mirrored panel and also removed the glass inserts. I cut a piece of birch to size and attached it to the back, then stripped, stained and weathered the entire piece. I wanted it to look as though it sat on a back porch, exposed to the elements. I decided to leave the glass inserts out.

It is now a home for my sons’ collection of shells.

The candle holder on the left is actually a spindlefrom the stairs of my great granfathers home. When the house was torn down after his death, each of his kids got a spindle from the staircase. The jar of old marbles are from an estate sale. A friend of mine told me one is worth $90. Really? Which one?

This table with its marble top was a $3.00 garage sale find and perfect for holding our towels.

Align Center

Check this out. A glass threaded insulator found in my Grandparents basement. And this one found at a thrift store. I knew they came in other colors but I had never seen a red one before.

The oh so appropriate sign for my kids, their friends and maybe a few adults.

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