Thursday, March 19, 2009

Have Hobo Bag...Will Travel

Have Bag Will Travel

The Hobo Bag made it to Vail CO and back to KC without a ‘lose stitch’. It carried a billfold, laptop, an art book, 3 magazines, hand sanitizer, a brush, lip balm, aspirin, a bottled water, gum, cell phone, camera, crayons and 2 small bags of agate rocks . Though this bag is way too big for me to carry around daily, it was perfect for this trip.

We arrived in Vail Mon. afternoon. Later that night Vail got 8” of snow. What a nice welcome as we hit the slopes Tues morn. The weather however was intense til noon when the sun finally made an appearance.

Wed. we went to Camp Hale and rented snow mobiles. On our way there I had to stop and take a picure of this bridge. Breathtaking wouldn’t you say.

We had a blast as we journeyed up the mountains on our machines. These babies go fast….up to 65 mph. Of course we had our kids on the back so drove at a reduced speed of 35-45mph. We had to maneuver a few switchbacks as well. Going up, great fun. Coming down was a little intimidating.

It's great to be back home.

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