Sunday, March 8, 2009

Hobo Bag

I made a Hobo Bag, McCalls m5198, view D.

This bag could be a challenge for a beginner. It wasn’t too bad for me because I am used to working with upholstery fabrics. The instructions are easy enough but the thickness of the fabric specifically when working the shoulder piece presents some difficulty. Case in point: I had to cut and sew the tab piece 3 different times to accommodate the thickness where the two shoulder straps meet. This tab wraps around that bulk and is slip stitched together. I also tacked the tab to the straps to keep it from flipping around.

I used an upholstery fabric remnant from Joann’s. The pattern calls for interfacing. This fabric has a plastic coating on one side, so I did not use interfacing. I used a powder blue soft cotton canvas for the inside lining. I wished I had used something flashier.

For the inside pocket, I used a striped satiny upholstery fabric left over from some curtains I made. Tiny oversight, the pocket is supposed to be attached inside below the loop closure. Oooops.

Overall, I like the titanic size of this bag and think it turned out well for a first of sorts. I am traveling next week with my two kids in tow. I think this will be perfect for carrying our travel accouterments.

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  1. Very nice job! I am attempting to finish this very bag myself. Found your blog as I was looking for pattern instructions... Of course, the last page of the instructions are missing!!! Sooooo, I'm at a loss on just how to finish the bag strap and the tab. Thanks for the mention of slipstitching it.

    If I can't find more information, I guess I will just try that. Seems tough to gather up all that fabric and wrap that tab around it. You are right about that! TFS.

    PS -- I really like the rest of your blog as well. :)



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