Friday, July 31, 2009

DIY Reworked Earrings

Once or twice a year, I painstakingly clean out closets and storage areas, drawers and cupboards, and deliver unwanted items to charity.

My junk jewelry drawer is an accumulation of more than 20 years of 'stuff', which I can't seem to part with. Broken jewelry and other trimmings usually wind up here.

It has been boxed up and moved to a new residence 3 times, each time weighing a little more than before. I find myself raking through this trove, looking for ways to rework these cast offs.

These earrings were originally on a dangling gold ball post.
One broke and they were tossed into the 'drawer.'
It was a task finding the other one.

These earrings I never wore, but I liked (needed) the ear wires. Maybe someday I will find a purpose for the other components.

I placed a vintage crystal and Chinese turquoise bead onto a head pen, forming a connector to attach to a gold jump ring, fastening this dangle to the ornate hoop, adding the ear wire last.

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