Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Paint Y'er Jeans

Most of my jeans are stained with paint or hole ridden.

Not by design.

I paint regularly in them and have earned every rip, tear, and stain. Remarkably, people come up to me and ask where I got my jeans.

A candid experiment.

When working on a project, I wear my paint jeans several times
before laundering.
Therein lies the success of this diy.

Be prepared: It's a drawn out process but worth the effect.
Click on images to see what I mean.

These jeans were on clearance for $20.

I see a future project with these scraps.

Going for a cropped look, I used a straight edge and a razor,

and removed 8” off the length.

A razor gives a better effect than scissors!

Next, I washed and dried the jeans. Do this if they are new.
Using a ruler, I striated various colors with a palette knife into the denim.
The trick to using acrylic paint on jeans is

to apply the paint thinly…don’t glob it on or the paint will crack.

Dry thoroughly after each paint application.
Do not put in the dryer!
Sand lightly with 120 grit, use a shop vac or brush off dust.
Repeat until the desired effect is achieved.
Do not wash the jeans for a week after painting them,
which will allow the acrylic to set up in the denim.

They will fade a little with each washing.
This can be minimized by washing in cold water,
inside out, and drying on low heat, or air drying.
I used a bit of metallic paint on mine.
Unfortunately, the sheen is gone after the 2nd washing
However, the acrylic is permanent.
Try it, you'll like it.


  1. angieinthejungleFriday, August 07, 2009

    I cant beleive I am just now finding your blog. Love the diys.

  2. The pants look fantastic, well done!

  3. so inspiring! i'm an artist and have accidentally gotten paint (usually oil) on my good clothes before quickly cleaning it off in a panic! if i get brave enough, maybe i'll wear a good pair of jeans next time i'm in the studio...and see what happens. (like i said, if i have a brave moment, lol!)
    yours look fantastic!



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