Thursday, August 27, 2009

Custom (Wine) Corks

Jewel toned drawer pulls and

crafty corks

combine to make unique wine stoppers

This is a quick, easy project (my favorite kind)
that makes a nice grab bag item for a wine tasting party.

Everyone gets something!

What you need:
An assortment of unused wine corks
You can get these at any craft store.

No affiliation with these mfgs.

Drawer pulls with hardware
Wood glue and
Cement Glue
Drill or skinny nail

Make sure the hardware that comes with your drawer pull will go
two-thirds of the way through the cork without going through the bottom.
You can easily resize the hardware with a dremel.

Drill a small pilot hole into the top of your cork
or use a skinny nail and work it half way through the cork

Do not go through the bottom of the cork.

Dip the thread of the screw (with drawer pull in place)
into the wood glue, and into cork.
Use a rubber mallot and tap screw until there is just
enough space between the top of the cork and drawer pull

Use a tooth pick and apply cement glue to the top of cork
and bottom of drawer pull.

Use a rubber mallot and tap the screw
the rest of the way into the cork,
leaving no space between cork and drawer pull

Let set up about 1 hour.

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