Thursday, October 29, 2009


Spooky, mysterious, bulging, or innocent,
eyes are a spectacular feature to enhance at Halloween.

If you’re sporting an extra one, you’re sure to get some attention.

Be forewarned: Friends will demand that you make one for them too.
 I made 8 of these t-shirts last year.

Black button still affixed a year later.

Mine has faded quite a bit.  I now wear it to the gym.

Time to make another more dramatic eyeball t-shirt!

A (cheap) t-shirt . Launder first if it is new.

Eyeball image. Look online, at the library…
T-shirt transfer paper for lazer or ink jet printer.
Follow enclosed instructions carefully.

Determining where I want my image before ironing.

This turned out fantastic and would be perfect to wear as is,
but I’m not one to leave well enough alone.

Fabric Paints
Fabric/Jewelry glue
A large button
Sequins (didn’t use this time)

I am not practiced with the fabric paint applicator tip,
so I pour out what I need, sometimes mixing colors, and use a brush.
I have much more control this way.

A large 1 1/4" faceted black button, like a compound eye!  Yes!

Remove the shank with wire cutters and sand smooth.
Apply jewelry glue and affix to the center of the shirt.

It really adds the finishing touch!


  1. Thanks for stopping by our blog! That is a cool way to transfer a shirt. I will have to try that.

  2. THAT is really cool!! I'm pretty sure mine wouldn't look a thing like that... I tend to screw up MOST art projects....

  3. Found this too late for this year but maybe next year!



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