Monday, October 19, 2009

It's getting pretty creepy around here

My kids enthusiasm for Halloween always rubs off on me.

Do you want eggs or eyeballs with your toast?

I know our home would be haunted as early as July.

I manage to hold off their decorating till September.
Still, their tactics to get me in the mood are second to none.

Aghhh…a snake in my bed.      Good one!

Wall color in the game room; pumpkin.

A centerpiece that would impress the Adams family.

The butler did it.

Broken branches pilfered from the neighbors yard.
Busted! He came over and thanked me.

Sink the branches into styrofoam in a decorative container.
Trim carefully!
It's only fun until someone loses an eye.

Add black flowers, feathers, lights, webbing, spiders, a femur, eyeball...

The skulls are motion sensor lights that run on a battery
 and play the theme from Friday the 13th  Halloween.

The display is more frightful in person.


  1. Love the spooky decorations! My son is a champ when it comes to dressing up my house. I just pull the box of stuff out, and let him go wild.

  2. what fun! the snake in the bed...on first glance, i thought it was real. your halloween decorations are wonderful. i like that creepy display w/ cobwebs and little skulls; it's almost cute.

    re: your comment on Style Odyssey- thanks, and i hope you enjoy those Fiorenti + Baker boots! they weren't available in my size. plus, i need another pair of boots like i need a hole in my head, lol. i rarely get to wear the ones i do have because it's so hot where i live.
    anyway, thanks for the lovely comment!

  3. You remind me of one of my best friends who goes ALL out for Halloween! LOVE it all!!

  4. awesome decor!!! And those eyeballs in the jar look real.. ugh. LOL.



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