Monday, November 30, 2009


In my quest to secure fancy adornments for my person
(the tree is already trimmed)
I again searched through my junk jewelry.

The earrings are becoming my favorite for ideas this season.

With specimens like these, who could blame me?

Most of these are fairly old but very well made,
and as beautiful as the woman who wore them.
My grandmother would cheer my efforts for finding
new ways to enjoy them as much as she did.

I know she would approve of the ocean pebble cuff.
She would also suggest that I need a cocktail ring.

Ring blanks.
You can get these from any costume supply store.

I decided to use the blue stone for my cocktail ring.
With a little more effort than my time permits
(I leave town tomorrow)
the other ear rings will make great stocking stuffers
for a few friends. 

The scale is pretty impressive but a little boring.

It needs a hood ornament!
My selectiveness and the fact that the back needs to be flat for a
permanent fix will limit my choices considerably.

Three to be exact.

I remove the post and carefully file (dremel)
any rough spots then attach with E6000 or a 2 part epoxy.

 This earring I used is 14ct gold with a sterling silver center.
I lost the other one a few years ago.

I think it is a nice compliment to the color and scale of this ring.

Festive, non.  'Tis the season!


  1. You may truly be one of the craftiest people I know!! CRAFTY!

  2. nice blog, i love this jewellery!

  3. Those earrings reminded me of my own grandmothers jewelry, thanks for that.

  4. Love it! I just got a PILE of orphan earings from a friend - all vintage - this is a great idea! Thanks!



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