Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Gift of Glitz

Last week, I wore my earring(s) out in public.

This bauble stood out, arriving at the fête a split second before me.
When I shared with a few who commented on the ring
that it was fashioned out of old earrings,
they could barely believe it!

I’m not quitting my day job....

heartily convinced that these women,
business professionals like myself,
would soon be rummaging through their junk jewelry
to see what cast offs they could transform into
'one-of-a-kind'  wearable treasures.

Their enthusiasm,

inspired me to make one as a gift for a friend.

This earring is probably from the late 60's.  However, 
 the black glass beads remind me of the Victorian Era.

I know you’re reading this…and I got your message.
You're right! It will look great with your gray sweater dress.

You're tantalized!

No you can't swing by to pick it up!

You’ll just have to wait until girls nite out.
(Wear the sweater dress.)

Besos y abrazos!

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