Thursday, December 10, 2009

The boots were hung by the chimney with care

Update:  Some of the pics were not loading correctly.

Look no further than your closet for inspiration
to create these whimsical boots err…stockings.

Throughout the year, I acquire deeply discounted
upholstery remnants and ribbon/trims at the fabric store,
or find drapes in rich brocades at the thrift store
for less than $5.oo a panel.

These are not traditional holiday fabrics, deliberate on my part.

Iron on applique trim.

Thinking out of the box....anything goes.
Using embelishments already on hand enhances creativity.

Rhinestone strand removed from old t-shirt.

I think these stocking boots are festive.
They make great gifts.

I make the pattern out of a grocery sack or newspaper
and tracing about ½” out and around the entire boot.
The pattern is also used to make the lining.

Better to pin, but I used soup cans as weights instead. !Laaazzy!

Cut out 2 boots and sew up the bottom and sides
I use the end of a small paint brush and

gently push out the toe and heal of the boot.
Press seams.

Pin trim to the boot and sew.  The seam will later be hidden.
I used a silk ribbon, leaving the tails long to tie a big fancy bow.

Cut out the lining.
Notice: The lining is cut so it stops at the ankle of the boot.
*You’ll see why.

Sew up the lining leaving about a 5” opening along the back seam.
Do not turn out!

Place the boot inside the lining and sew along the top opening.
Press the seams of the lining and push down into the boot.

*Take some batting and push it down into the foot of the boot
through the opening in the lining,
giving a nice full shape to the boot.
There is plenty of space for the goodies.
This boot will hold a bottle of wine!

Pull the lining back out and sew up the 5" opening.

The hook is actually part of a hoop earring.

I’ve attached the hook and tied the bow. 
I'm done!


The old earrings occupy my thoughts a lot lately.

Now I'm done.

Jester Stocking (on either end) made with Dawn Anderson, Vogue Pattern 7375.


  1. You are so creative! Love them! Festive, but fun. Happy holidays!

  2. Well aren't you clever and creative, your stockings are fabulous! I'm a repurpsosing freak and love that you utilized items you already had. My favorite is the blue floral boot and I love the soup can trick!

    Your blog is fabulous!

    Love and hugs,

  3. LOVE these boot stockings!! You should sell them - I bet they'd be a HIT!


  4. these are SO awesome. You could easily sell them and I would buy one for my Mom. She has horses and quite a thing for cowboy boots...

  5. That's pretty impressive. I'll take the green one since it looks like it could fit more.

  6. this is such a fun fun idea!!! great way to use those stored fabric :D, xx

  7. Oh my goodness. You are soooooo creative. I'm blown away. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. Happy Holidays.



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