Thursday, January 28, 2010

I am still here in spirit.

Work is crazy for me the first two months of the year.
 I barely have time to read others blogs. I realize now,
I should have offered up an explanation sooner as to my lack of posts.

My load will lighten up considerably
around the week of Feb. 22nd, at which time, I look forward to
getting back into the swing of things with weekly diys.

I hope that the new year finds everyone happy, healthy and harmonious.

I offer a glimpse into diy 2010.

quartz crystals + gunmetal necklace (a thrifty purchase)
= a quality piece

Breadmaking 101


and the interpretation

vintage restored

Dumas' work reinvented


  1. Happy 2010! Hope yours is going well so far! Like the projects you have going on ... very pretty!

  2. I love your projects. Hang in there.



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