Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rocker Chick Elegance

I’m back…..and revving up with this easy, easy diy.
I purchased this necklace at the thrift store for $3.

The gray beads and chain are gunmetal and in excellent condition.
However, I needed to replace the pink bubble gum beads
before I would wear this out in public. 

gunmetal jump rings and headpins, olive jade and quartz crystal beads

After some deliberation, my choices
came down to olive jade, faceted cones and
40 mm rough cut, faceted quartz crystals that I've had in my stash

I chose the quartz crystal as the
beads took up more space creating an even chunkier look.

My local craft store did not carry gunmetal findings
so I had to purchase the headpins and jump rings on line.

I made a connector and attached a jump ring for each crystal (4),
 and attached to the chain.
(jewelry making basics)

Because of the extra weight of the quartz crystals,
I replaced only 4 of the 7 pink beads.
The center metal bead hung longer 
so I adjusted the link to be the same as the other metal beads.

As for those left over pink beads,

maybe I'll assemble a  molecular geometry mobile for my boys.
Just kiddin'!

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