Friday, August 13, 2010

The Charm of Chimes

Digging through boxes in the attic, 
I discovered a set of tarnished flatware.
I believe they were my father-in-laws.
Looking at the discolored pieces, I knew there was no
 chance I would ever take on the task of cleaning them.  

Chimes from flatware are nothing new.
Still, they are a charming adornment for an outdoor space
and quick to assemble.
Less than one hour from start to finish. 

I think these held syrup

Many things around the house will work:
cookie cutters, kitchen utensils, keys, small glass bottles.
You can find all of these items at the thrift store. 

For drilling into metal you will need a power tool
and a small cobalt drill bit.
After drilling a hole all the way through the handle,
file off the burrs before stringing with fishing line.
Pull line through drilled hole, double knot and again
after securing to the mesh basket,  
fashioning various lengths for each utensil

It is easier to start from the middle and work outwards.
Make sure there's at least 1" of space
between each secured item.
Afterwards, apply a dab of cement glue to all the knots for a permanent fix.

15 pieces of silverware and glass bottles made this too heavy
to hang with fishing line, so I purchased 4ft of black chain
at the hardware store (sold by the foot). 
4 equal chain lengths, 1 for the middle, and 3 evenly spaced
around the top perimeter of the basket creates balance.
An old drapery ring joins the 4 lengths of chain for hanging.

I had all items on hand, except the black chain.
Total cost, $4.49.

They chime beautifully.

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