Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Crab Nebula

smoky haze reminds me of swirling gases in outerspace

Last summer, I painted the tv/game room a pumpkin orange.

album frames are from Restoration Hardware

A couple of space themed movie posters and framed album covers 
helped turn the once bland walls into a cozy, modern, fun room
with a hint of retro appeal.

However, I was drawing blanks when it came to decorating
the large wall space behind the pool table.
Adding more album covers or movie posters seemed excessive. 

The bar mirrors that used to hang on the wall 
no longer suited the ‘family’ décor.

I had purchased a poker table for my husband over the holidays.
The table top was protected in the carton by
(2) 48"x48" x1/8" mdf boards.

They took up a lot of space but I'm glad I saved them.

After months of debating, a recent viewing of the Crab Nebula
set in motion an idea for the vacant wallspace.

One of the boards would make an ideal canvas
for my "interpretation" of the Crab Nebula and
a perfect compliment to the movie posters.

I lightly sanded the sheen with 100 grit sandpaper,
cleaned, and followed this up with 5 coats of gesso.
I also applied gesso to the back as well.

The size of this board would be expensive to frame
and the thinness (1/8") would make it display more like a poster. 

Not the impact I was going for.

My solution was to attach a hidden frame
made from square wood stakes
that would allow the board to set out from the wall,
creating a shadow effect.
The frame is reinforced with L-brackets
making the mdf very sturdy but not too heavy.

Picture sits out approx. 2" from the wall.

The rough cleat also provides a convenient way to hang on the wall.

I created the effects by applying acylic paint 
with rags, cellophane, feathers, and sponges.

The vibrant colors and scale of this painting did not stand out
until I added stars using qtips.

Amazing how that little detail, really transformed the picture.

Total cost, < $20. 
That pleases me the most. 

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