Monday, August 17, 2009

DIY Water Fountain

A fun, creative, and green, diy summer project that is easy on the budget
but has a big decorating impact is to make a water fountain.

Click on images for closeups.

Since we recently remodeled our outdoor living area,
I'm focused on adding 'comforting' details with visual appeal.

I considered purchasing a fountain for a corner space
after noticing the nearby outlet.
Unfortunately, the only fountains
I liked were $300.-$400.

I have a knack for sniffing out the priciest items.

A thrifty compromise.

My diy fountain was assembled with items we already had,
including the pump, stored away after the demise
of my husband’s salamander, Newt.

Imperfections add charm.

I had purchased this warped, plaster stand at
the thrift store last year for $3,
painted it, and was using as a plant stand, till now.

What you will need for this diy;
Submersible water pump.
You can get a pump at any home and garden center
for around $20. You will need to purchase 1/4" or 1/2" plastic tubing,
cut to length after you decide how the water will flow.

Container to hold water and deep enough to submerge your pump.
This one is approx. 4” deep.

An assortment of rocks, shells, marbles, etc… for the water to cascade down.

Tile remnants from a kitchen remodel.

Use rocks, tile, anything that will add height and volume.

Save your decorative pieces for the top.

Fill spaces with smaller objects like sea glass, marbles, shells...

Place your container on a stand or small table.

After it was all put together,
it didn't quite soothe me.
The base and container were a perfect unit but the colors clashed.
So I painted both pieces to resemble aged metal.

I often do things in reverse.

Sometimes this backwards thinking produces fantastic results!

Add water.

It works! Now that's harmony!


  1. Beautiful fountain! DIY is such a savings. Nice job.

  2. Wonderful job!
    Great project-


  3. It looks great with the shells! Great idea!



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