Tuesday, September 15, 2009

DIY Fabric Cards

Photos, qoutes, meaningful words!
Send them off in a fabric card.
What you need for this diy.
Cereal boxes (heavy duty) or chip board    
Fabric remnants
Scrap (book) paper, tissue paper, wall paper...
Spray adhesive (use in a well ventilated area)
exacto knife
Use a straight edge and exacto knife to size your cardboard.

For this example, I cut 2 pieces of cardboard 5.5" x 7.5" to
display a 4" x 6" photo.

Lay cardboard pieces on fabric.  Cut fabric to extend 3/4" on all sides
for folding over.  Spray board pieces with adhesive.
Use a brayer or ruler to smooth the fabric.
Flip boards over, spray adhesive and fold the fabric at the corners (inward)
on to iteslf forming 45° angles, (creates a mitered corner).
 Fold all four sides on to the board.

With ruler, mark and cut your decorative paper for the inside.
Cut your paper 1/2" smaller than your board sizes.
For example, I cut my paper 7” x 5”
This forms a .25” border along the inside edge for a finished look.
Don’t glue yet.

Determine the length for your middle ribbon.
 To tie a bow, you want the ribbon to extend 6"-8" past the sides,
plus 2 times the length or width (portrait or landscape display)  
Cut 2 more pieces of ribbon to stabilize the top and bottom.
Affix ribbon and paper.
Place under heavy object for an hour.
Once you get going, it’s easy to make several up at a time

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  1. These turned out so well! And thanks for the tutorial too.



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