Monday, October 12, 2009

PB: Inspiration for DIY

Mauve/decopauged thrift store table, $15. Stripped, refinished, and added new hardware
to resemble a PB table for use as a nightstand in my son's room.  

Whether its repurposing furniture,

Beaded fringe added to Asian lamp shade for a Victorain flair. 

spiffing up existing items with clever accents,

Son's junk art guitar, made from a Gateway box, wood trim remnants, and acrylic paints.
PB Teens for inspiration.  It really is acoustic. 

Wood composite trim;   Primed, painted, distressed,
added (10) drawer pulls, and hung the trim 5 feet from the floor
in the laundry room to hold totes, raincoats, backpacks...

Odd sized frame, garage sale find,  $.50.
Barbed wire from the 1800's.
Wood shelving from great, grandfathers barn.
This assembly nearly came together on its own
at which time my husband claimed for his office wall.

or creating distinctive displays, using color, texture, and imagination,

PB is a source for ideas and inspirations, when I'm 'drawing' blanks.

My son wanted Euro pillows similar to some we had seen in PB Teen.
I borrowed a friends PB Euro Pillow Case and took measurements.

They look complicated but in fact are very easy to make.

The finished pillow measures 30x30 with a 2” flange
 for a 26x26 Euro Pillow.

Before cutting, launder/iron your fabric.

Use a ruler or straight edge and draw the panels right on the fabric.

Make the length (for the back pieces) with the grain and
be sure to mark the grain direction for the front panel.

Cut 1 panel 31” x31” for the front (ex.a)
For the back you need  2 pieces that create an over flap
to insert your pillow form.
Cut (1) 17”x31” (ex. b) and (1) 21” x 31” (ex. c.)

For the 2 back panels, fold and press the middle seams ½”,
then fold over 1”, press, stitch close to the inner edge.

Hint: for visible stitching, increase stitch length to 3.5mm for a professional look.

Assemble pillow in this order.

Front panel (ex. a) print side up
17x31 (ex. b) print side down and lined up to one side
21 x 31 (ex. c) print side dorn and lined up to other side

Make sure the fabric grain is in the same direction as back pieces.

Pin sides and stitch all the way around the pillow using a 1/2" or 5/8 seam allowance".
Trim seams to 1/4". Press open seams.
Turn pillow right side out pushing out corners, press.

Stitch around the pillow 2” from edge to create the flange.

Hint: Put a piece of masking tape on your sewing machine,
measure 2” to the right of needle, draw a straight line with ruler.
Use as a guide, lining up the outer edge of the fabric as you sew.

Insert pillow form

My son  loves them….

so I made some for my other son.

He loves them too!


  1. Just found your blog through a comment you left at Style Odyssey. I love your DIY projects.

  2. Your creativity is great! I love the first piece of furniture that's the PB knockoff. Really nice work. And your son'd guitar is so creative. Good for him!

  3. love your creative side and that junk art guitar is SO cool.



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