Thursday, September 3, 2009

Vegetable Conspiracy?

This is a story about a kid who shunned vegetables.
We’ve all known one.
There may even be one living in your home.
My attempts at sneaking vegetables into our meals always fails,
leaving me with the feeling I have betrayed my son with my duplicity.

As a child, there were many vegetables I didn’t like but I do not recall
refusing to eat a meal just because I discovered one in the mix.
I would just pluck out the offensive morsel, usually an onion,
and continue eating.

I now eat vegetables daily, including onions.
Several times a week, I prepare Ramon noodles.
 I ate them in college and swore
afterwards that I would never eat them again.
Ha ha.

Ramon noodles are a hefty dose of carbs, but when teamed
with fresh vegetables, sans the MSG packet, it is a quick, healthy,
and economical lunch option.

I follow the instructions on the package, bringing water to a boil.
Into this, add 2 eggs, noodles, fresh broccoli, green onion,
and (precooked) thawed shrimp. When 3 minutes are up, drain off
most of the broth and pour the mixture over uncooked spinach.
Add low sodium soy sauce and pepper.
It tastes great and is nutritious.

One Saturday, my son observed as I prepared the veggies and noodles.
"I'd like to try some of that. Will you you make me some?" he asked.

“Excuse me. Did I hear you say you want some of this?
These are vegetables son. See! Broccoli, green onion, spinach,”
as I pointed to each one.

“Yeah mom, I know. I want some. It looks good.”
I couldn’t believe my ears or my eyes as my 10-year-old stood
before me requesting that I make him noodles loaded with every
vegetable he despised.

I immediately wanted to touch his forehead and cheeks just to
make sure he wasn’t running a fever. Perhaps I used too much
comet while cleaning the toilets that morning.

What the hec. I made it for him then watched in awe (and shock)
as he devoured every last bit of noodle, vegetable and egg.
The kid who would leavethe table in disgust after discovering a
vegetable in his food was now a convert.

This miraculous event occurred Sat. June 13th 2009.
Exhibit A
Exhibit B
I prepare this for my son almost daily. He asks me to
make it for breakfast. Just this morning he suggested that
I bring some up to the school for lunch. When he gets
home, he often requests that I make it for his snack.

Since that historical Saturday, I have introduced him to other vegetables;
bok choy, bean sprouts, leeks, zucchini, snow pea pods and sugar snap peas.
He will not try carrots and he does not like zucchini or leeks.
I’m still pleased!

This is the story about a kid who only wanted to eat ice cream….

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