Monday, March 22, 2010

My Favorite Kitchen Gadget

The Bread Machine!
For me, in terms of convenience, it rivals the crockpot.

Ma machine de pain, decorated with the kids magnetic gears, 
symbolize this kitchen work horse.

Focacia:  The Ultimate Bread Machine Book

We love the smell and taste of fresh baked bread.
The aroma permeates the house and gradually
brings everyone into the kitchen. 

Lavash: The Ultimate Bread Machine Book

My Welbilt bread machine has earned a permanent place
on the kitchen counter. I use it that often.

I mastered most of the basic bread recipes that came
with my first Welbilt bread machine, 15 years ago.
When it shot craps, I immediately got another
Welbilt bread machine.

Looking to expand my bread making knowledge
I purchased The Ultimate Bread Machine Book,
by Jeannie Shapter.
This book showcases 150 recipes, including popular breads
from many countries, full-color photographs,
step by step techniques and tips.

The book's recipes use the bread machine's dough feature
(for mixing and rising the dough),
then shaping the loaves by hand and baking them in the oven,
demonstrating that most any bread machine will work.

Focacia (ready to bake)

Using fresh ingredients, will produce the best results.

Lavash (ready to bake)

Two of my family’s favorites are Focacia and Lavash,
rustic flat breads that use basic ingredients
and are quick and easy to prepare using the dough setting.

Focacia with red peppers
Baked Lavash topped with poppy seeds, sesame seeds, and fresh parmesan cheese.

This bread is delicious as a snack,
and with soups and salads.

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